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 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Tag: Cosette

played by SALEM6 posts • prefers HER/SHE pronouns

My heads under water but I'm breathing fine

tag: COSETTE M. RENAUD | words: 365

Times Square was bustling as usual and Cindy had to dodge and dip through mobs of tourists. That was one of the downsides of living in the city: no matter what time of year, there were always tourists. But today it wasn’t so bad because it was beautiful. The sun was shining and it was a perfect August day; it wasn’t too hot and the humidity wsan't stifling for once. The street vendors were hocking their “I HEART NEW YORK” paraphernalia and Cindy had to jump out of the way of one as they swung a tote bag around yelling about their wares. Honestly, Cindy had an “I HEART NEW YORK” hoodie she wore around her apartment. It was the perfect outfit to binge watch all her favorite shows in. Not many people knew about her secret tourist hoodie. One of the only people who knew about it was Cosette, and Cindy was actually heading to meet her at that very moment. Buzz buzz. It was 6:32 PM which mean that she was running late and Cosette was probably already waiting. She picked up her pace, adjusting her backpack on her shoulders and headed towards Broadway.

Carmine’s came into view. It was a nice italian restaurant that was usually dimly lit and served huge portions. The cannolis were what dreams were made of, at least to Cindy. She was so excited to see Cosette and get caught up. It felt like they hadn’t seen each other in ages when in reality they see each other a few times a week. But seeing each other at work doesn’t count as hanging out. They hadn’t had much time together lately since they had both been so busy with work. But today it was just about them. And Carmine’s was kind of their spot. Sometimes they’d go there after work and just get booze and dessert and vent about their feelings. It was like a spiritual thing for them, like going to church and going to confession. But there was lots of carbs and lots of wine/whining. Cindy pushed through the door and looked around the dark restaurant before coming across the only redhead and headed towards her.
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Secretary at Epsilon International

played by Kimilicious13 posts • prefers She/her pronouns
I'm not just one of your many toys
It had been a long week, but then again Cosette couldn't remember the last time it hadn't been a long week. Summer classes were in full swing and as usual, work was incessantly busy. Not to mention Apollo's new assistant, one Noemi Vidal, of whom Cosette had made it her business to get to know. Noemi was one of the first people to come through the door of Epsilon International that she felt might actually give Apollo a run for his money and she was doing all she could to ensure Noemi's success. Of course this meant a little extra time at work in the evenings, making up for whatever time she'd spent schmoozing with Noemi, or even whatever time she'd spent talking to Shaw. She was going to help Noemi with Apollo in any way she could, even if that way was going through Shaw to help give the young woman a one up. Cosette was exhausted, but when Cindy's text had lit up her phone she'd powdered her nose and blew out the door. Nothing could have kept her away from dinner with one of her very best friends.

Cindy had told her she'd meet her at Carmine's around 6:30pm. The city was busy, as was par for course. It was just that time of the day and while Cosette had managed to arrive on time, barely, she already figured Cindy would be a bit late. She held no ill will, why get all bent out of shape over something so trivial? No, Cindy wasn't one to make a habit of lateness and Cosette knew it. She ordered both of them their favorite drinks when the waiter inquired and crossed her legs as she watched the door for her friend.

There she was! Cindy's blonde head was hard to miss and Cosette straightened in her seat, raising her arm above her head to catch the other's attention when she spotted her. Cindy weaved through the restaurant and Cosette stood to greet her, pulling the other woman into a tight embrace. "It's so good to see you!" Cosette said, her French accent apparent in every word she spoke. She'd been in America for most of her life, but somehow her accent had never dulled. Once Cindy released her, the girls took their seats, Cosette leaning forward to place her chin atop her hand, her elbows on the table. "So how have you been, my love? You are going to the Prince's Charity Gala, yes? Tell me you are or I will just die!" Cosette's words were soft, but dramatic a grin on her face. Noemi had already gone to acquire a dress with one of the other assistants, the whole ordeal set up by the the elder Prince. A whole hullabaloo about that, but she'd share that with Cindy as the night wore on, of course. Cosette had shopping to do and of course, she needed to have her favorite gal pal alongside her in order to get it all done and done right.

thanks evvie!
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