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welcome to tame the whispers! we are a unique personified roleplay set in new york city and its boroughs. an entity known as the void has swept through the new york public library's restricted section where the first editions and original reels of many of the books, films, and stories we all know and love were housed. the void has opened up a pathway for these fictional characters to come into our world with the intent of creating chaos. some of these characters know who they were, some are completely ignorant, and some are still figuring it out. another entity has come through as well, trying to right the worlds and restore balance. who will prevail? who will tame the whispers? when registering, please do so as FIRST M. LAST in all uppercase. our site's rating is 3•3•3 and we always ask for quality over quantity. as always, if you have any questions, feel free to message a staff member!

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