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welcome to tame the whispers! we are an animation personified roleplay set in new york city and its boroughs. an entity known as the void swept through the animated world of ioyipia, the world which had been home to all of of our well known and beloved characters. the void destroyed everything in its path, some escaped and others were killed, but all found themselves right here in new york city. their abilities, some latent while in their last lives, others well known, are beginning to surface and those characters who remember ioyipia and who they were are starting to notice strange things going on. has the void returned? is it coming for them all over again? find out! when registering, please do so as FIRST M. LAST in all uppercase. our site's rating is 3•3•3 and we always ask for quality over quantity. as always, if you have any questions, feel free to message a staff member!

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 002 - First Site Wide Event, 08/05/17
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Should you scroll down the board, you might notice another category having been added. That's right, loves, we've got our first site wide event up! All of the information you'll need is in this thread, but if you have any questions please grab one of us admins. There's also a thread to post your wonderful ensembles for the gala, so make sure you post in there to give us all something to ooh and aah over. This event will go on for a month - until 9/5/17 - unless thread movement requires a longer/shorter period of time. This will be fun, y'all.

À plus tard!


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