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welcome to tame the whispers! we are a disney spirit roleplay set in a parallel universe in new york city and its boroughs. please make sure to read our rules, plot, and all other pertinent information before you consider joining. when registering, please do so as FIRST M. LAST in all uppercase. our site's rating is 3•3•3 and we always ask for quality over quantity. if you have any questions, feel free to message a staff member!

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 Clean Conscious, open
Anitques Dealer

played by Fire11 posts • prefers She pronouns
count on me
The van sputtered to a halt just within the gates of the cemetery. The engine gave a protesting groan as the outdated vents pushed out hot air rather than the a/c that it had given up years ago. Ea cringed, pressing her head to the steering wheel as she hoped that no one was around to see the failed attempt that her precious vehicle had made to function in the warm hot summer day. It just need to cool down, she tried to assure herself as she tugged at the buckle that kept her secure and shoved the driver’s door. It fought against her force as her gloved hand tightened harder around the latch and jiggled it. A few attempts in and she spilled forth, scrambling over her thick boots as she spilled out onto the crisp bright green grass that occupied the graves that had been pristinely maintained. It was as if the final rest deserved to be a good one.

Ea stood up, ignoring her scrapped knee under her skirt as she fished in the pocket of her skirt to pull forth the item that had been keeping her attention. It was a small quartz stone that fit in the center of her palm. It glowed in the sun with a hint of pink hue as Ea rubbed a finger along the top of the stone, feeling the little hum as it begged to tell her it’s story. She shoved her fist back into the pocket and marched along the green, picking her path with care as she fumbled in her opposite pocket to bring out a map of this section of the cemetery. She had circled all the potential names. All the names that started with a Be. In her vision, she knew that the stone had belonged with a middle-aged woman nick named Bee. She had used it to cleanse her family home every week since her first son had been born. It had been important to the woman, but when she passed at the age of 60, the stone was solid in a yard sale. Her family hadn’t considered it important, and didn’t realize it was one of her prized positions. Her husband got it for her on a whim.

Ea continued to march along, picking up her oversized boots so as not to kick up the grass over the graves. ”Come on Bee… where are ya?” She muttered to herself as she arrived at the first grave. She crouched down, touching the stone that marked it in hopes that it might give her an idea of who lay there. Nothing. The grave was marked with no other items for her to touch so she began to draw her finger against her bare knee, doing math as she determined how old the person had been. Thirty-five. Too young. She headed towards the next one, a quiet wraith amongst the tombs that was unaware that she was being watched by another person.

Snow White
Twenty Four
Siren Song

played by Zee9 posts • prefers She/Her pronouns
If one were to look at Bexley, they wouldn't assume she was the type to randomly wander around cemeteries. But she was. It wasn't a thing she did often. She found the people who did wander around cemeteries often were a bit weird and while Bex wasn't the type to judge someone for the hobbies and things that made them happy, she still felt that there was something incredibly offbeat about those hung out in cemeteries. She didn't have anyone she visited, no one in her life had passed away, she'd never had to experience that horrible feeling of loss. Therefore Bexley visiting the cemetery in the Bronx was done out of pure curiosity. Everyone there had, at one point, a wonderful story. Their lives were beautiful tales, full of vivid characters and a kaleidoscope of details. It fascinated her. The stories that other people lived.

This was why Bex was walking around the cemetery looking at names on the headstones. Names and dates and their inscriptions, trying to piece together the type of person they were. Sometimes stories unfolded easily to her and she wrote them down on her phone, finding that it might be useful later on for something - what, she wasn't sure. It wasn't as if she was a writer and could use these for future ideas. Even if Bexley did dabble in writing, mostly in her journal. She wasn't sure she could ever try to write someone else's story, even if it was something fictional she'd made up. Regardless, it was interesting to look through the names, the dates, the inscriptions, the history of people and so she found herself wandering through the cemetery - searching for nothing in particular.

She didn't expect to run into anyone else there, even though it was possible other people would be visiting loved ones. It should have crossed her mind that other people would be milling about. Or at least one other person would be milling about. So when she stumbled upon another girl wandering through the tombstones, Bexley shouldn't have been so caught off guard. Except, she was. It brought her a little shock and she actually took a small step back. This person seemed to be on the search for someone in particular, not just wandering around like Bexley found herself doing. She didn't want to intrude on a personal moment, but it seemed she already had. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt something. I'll head down a different path." She'd been through most of these names before anyway.

this here post is 422 words for EA R. WALLIS and i'm sorry it took so long to get it up!!!
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