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welcome to tame the whispers! we are an animation personified roleplay set in new york city and its boroughs. an entity known as the void swept through the animated world of ioyipia, the world which had been home to all of of our well known and beloved characters. the void destroyed everything in its path, some escaped and others were killed, but all found themselves right here in new york city. their abilities, some latent while in their last lives, others well known, are beginning to surface and those characters who remember ioyipia and who they were are starting to notice strange things going on. has the void returned? is it coming for them all over again? find out! when registering, please do so as FIRST M. LAST in all uppercase. our site's rating is 3•3•3 and we always ask for quality over quantity. as always, if you have any questions, feel free to message a staff member!

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Regenerative Healing Factor

played by EMINEM3 posts • prefers She/her pronouns
Gigi Marie Acreman



Gigi Marie Acreman



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March 13th

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Munchings and Crunchings

Strangers often passed by the little munchkin, but Gurgi was too afraid to interact. He sat there watching over people in his tree as they passed by. Gurgi was much too timid to reveal himself to just any old body. Well that was what Gurgi thought till a boy passed by his tree. He seemed to have lost something. Luring the creature with a munching and crunching. Gurgi wanted that munching and crunching. In the spur of the moment the little munchkin hopped out of the tree grabbing the munching and crunching. It was his hooray. That was till the boy yelled at him to give him back the apple? Gurgi didn’t have any apple. The furball looked at the red juicy munching and crunching fanning over it as the boy continued to yell at him to give the apple back. That boy sure was weird, Gurgi didn’t like him. That was when the boy tried to steal his munching and crunching. How rude!? Gurgi reacted quickly fleeing to a bush. The boy still didn’t leave him alone. Gurgi finally could no longer stay in the bushes he felt bad. He shyly left the bushes, timidly looking at the man. The munching and crunching hidden. The man glared at him telling him again to give him the apple back. Gurgi played dumb shrugging like he had no clue what the man meant. Sadly that was a mistake as the munching and crunching fell to the floor. Gurgi quickly went for it and grabbed it back up. Eventually after a bit of more talking the boy got the munching and crunching back. The devil. This was not going to end here so Gurgi followed him.

Castle of Death

After a long while of following the boy named Taran, the boy foolishly wanted to travel through the Horned King’s castle. Gurgi wasn’t going to step foot in that place no. He had some more self preservation than that. Taran was a fool if he wanted to go in there. But the two had been together for a bit now. Taran was now Gurgi’s friend and Gurgi still wanted that munching and crunching. So like the coward and good friend the little munchkin was he advised that Taran did not go there. Saying that if they did they’d inevitably die. Taran did not take liking to that in the slightest. He decided to be super mean to Gurgi. Gurgi wanted to cry, Gurgi did cry. Were they not friends. Taran then left him with the munching and crunching accusing him of being a coward that only stayed this long for the apple. As the boy walked away Gurgi’s little heart was breaking. How could things have gone so wrong?

Underground Realm Winners

Gurgi had found Taran again this time he had much better companions. Gurgi quickly befriended Eilonwy. Their adventure however was just starting. They had to travel to the Underground realm. Gurgi was afraid but he followed his friends he was going to prove to Taran that he was not a coward like he said before. That was quickly scrapped when the Horned King’s forces came and captured Gurgi’s friends, but not him no he ran away. Taran was right he had to be a coward he couldn’t even stick by his friends. He needed to prove himself to them. He couldn’t be a coward forever. Gurgi had to do something. Gurgi wasn’t going to sit there and to nothing while his friends died. No the little munchkin wasn’t going to let the Horned King hurt his friends. Finally finding his courage Gurgi went to rescue his friends. This lead to his ultimate sacrifice. To save his friends he had to destroy the Horned King this meant he was going to have to destroy himself in the process. Gurgi threw himself into the cauldron removing its power and killing the Horned King. Gurgi was a hero. Gurgi wasn’t alive anymore. Then suddenly Gurgi was alive again. How was this possible? Apparently Taran made a trade with the Witches of Morva. The cauldron for his life. Overjoyed Gurgi hugged Taran, they really were friends it was a happy day. They then departed from that day. Gurgi no longer a timid loner. Life was good.

Waking Up in a New World

Gurgi went to bed one night after a great day with his friends and when he awoke his mind was clear. There was no memories of the life he had been living, he didn’t even realize who he was. In fact he was no longer a he, but a she. In this new world Gurgi was Gigi. Gigi was quite similar to Gurgi except she embodied all that Gurgi had wished he embodied for a long time. There was not a timid or cowardice bone in her body. She had an unnatural love for apples, so much that when she heard of the electronics company Apple she just had to work there. The extroverted girl sometimes get glimpses of a life she once lived, but she just puts them under random dreams that mean nothing. Something interesting about the girl is that she doesn’t really get hurt and when she does she heals quite quickly. This may seem like a perk, but she does not know how to control this little ability. With this ability she must give in return a small memory is taken every time her regenerative healing factor works.


I’m Slim Shady. Yes I’m the real Shady. Just a bit crazy. Probably the only site that I use something that makes sense with my real name.

17 // she|her // Pacific // Discord / PM


played by KIMI & TEEJAY89 posts • prefers N/A pronouns
Congratulations on being accepted! Make sure you fill out the claims, put up a shipper, and get some threads going! If you haven't already set up your mini profile, please do so first. We're happy you're here!
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