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welcome to tame the whispers! we are an animation personified roleplay set in new york city and its boroughs. an entity known as the void swept through the animated world of ioyipia, the world which had been home to all of of our well known and beloved characters. the void destroyed everything in its path, some escaped and others were killed, but all found themselves right here in new york city. their abilities, some latent while in their last lives, others well known, are beginning to surface and those characters who remember ioyipia and who they were are starting to notice strange things going on. has the void returned? is it coming for them all over again? find out! when registering, please do so as FIRST M. LAST in all uppercase. our site's rating is 3•3•3 and we always ask for quality over quantity. as always, if you have any questions, feel free to message a staff member!

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 dreamweaver, --open--

played by 0 posts • prefers pronouns
it had been the kind of week that made paulina feel fuzzy around the edges. thoughts that didn’t need to crept in around every corner, like a wild animal watching, waiting for her to let her guard down so it could strike. she felt whispers of its teeth on her skin in the morning, heard the clawing at her door when night fell.

so she did what she always did when the Bad Thoughts crept up.

she kept busy. busy with her hands, her head, her legs, whatever she could get moving. she took a zumba class, went to yoga, played her ukelele on the street until her fingers were sore, took mindless Buzzfeed quizzes to find out which popular character she was, or what past life she had lived based off her last pizza order. she baked cookies. made posters. scrolled through instagram until pictures of dogs and noodle bowls and mountains all blurred together.

saturday found her wandering the streets, the threat of having an empty day nipping at her heels. so she turned to the public library-- among the books and magazines, they also offered classes and courses in whatever random thing you could think of.

today was dream catcher weaving

(which seemed oddly fitting, considering her restless nights and old demons back to say hello)

and so she fished around her purse for enough change to enter, and skittered into the class with five minutes to spare.

paulina grabbed a seat near the wall. it smelled like lavender and patchouli, and the insturctor reminded her vaguely of a gorgeous girl she once met at a music festival. she liked her, liked this place. thank you, universe, she thought, for this serendipitous moment.

feeling more like herself again, paulina leaned over to the Dreamweaver next to her and whispered excitedly, “have you ever made one of these before??”

hiccup haddock 111

played by amanda9 posts • prefers he/him pronouns
today it seemed as if it was hard to concentrate at home. as much as hank loves his family, he loves having a quiet place to work more. he had another dragon dream again, but that wasn't an odd thing for him. sometimes he'd reach down to his leg too, because it was always gone in his dreams...and yet there it was toes and all. hank gathered up his laptop and numerous notebooks, shoving them all into his backpack. he stopped inside the kitchen to grab himself a little snack and stuck a note to the fridge that read gone to the library-hank. he ducked out of the house and walked the short distance to the bus stop. luckily the library was one quick ride away; though the bus almost never arrived on schedule. no matter, hank just listened to some music and played a mindless building game on his phone. his playlist was filled mostly with folk-music from scotland and ireland with a few songs written by aaron copeland and enya. he certainly was attracted to more independent, almost mystical artists. once he was at the library, hank spread out and began working on his newest book.

the library was known to offer random classes as well, he saw a sign on a door of a little room that today was dreamweaver day. hank wasn't someone who believed in an object having the ability to catch dreams good or bad. however, there was something about it that peaked his creative interest. he looked up in his work as he saw people wandering inside. humm, maybe it could be something he could use for his characters. he put his stuff away in the same half-hazard way that he brought it and made his way inside. there was a spot opened up towards the back of the room and the shy hank sat himself carefully down in the seat next to another young woman. the instructor, he noticed was insanely pretty. this caused his face to heat up and he may have got up and left if the woman next to him hadn't spoken to him. "uhhh..." he turned, noting that she was rather pretty too but in a different way than the instructor. "n-no, i haven't." his hands were shaking slightly from his nerves as he studied the pictures that were on a sheet being handed out. "doesn't look too hard though..." but then again, hank had always been very good at building things. his big brain even made it so that he could either make something older better or get something out of nothing. "though the threading could be slightly difficult." he admitted as he looked closer at the knots. "maybe she has some secrets though...." he offered a small smile, but wasn't really meeting her eyes.

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