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 One Step Ahead, Aladdin Needs His BFF (Abu)
supernatural agility

played by AYODELE18 posts • prefers SHE/HER pronouns
Character: Abu
Gender: Open!
Age: Open!
PB: Open; I'm totally cool with you genderbending Abu, suggested female FCs are Freema Agyeman or Sofia Boutella, suggested male FC is Zayn Malik, although I'm not overly attached to any of them if you feel inspired to go in another direction

Sooo I would *love* for my Aladdin to have his best friend on the board. The canonical origins of their friendship are that Abu once tried to pickpocket Aladdin and that's how they met; it could be fun to keep that in some capacity on TTW. Aladdin (Zain) doesn't remember anything about Agrabah, and it's up to you how much Abu remembers, but I would love for their relationship to have some of the dynamic of the original story: Aladdin tries to be a good influence on Abu but also ends up getting in more trouble with Abu than he does on his own.

I really like their partners-in-crime & confidante relationship. Aladdin feels that Abu is the one individual who really knows him and the two have great chemistry in canon and it would be awesome to have that on TTW. Feel free to message me if you have any other ideas or questions!

As for other Aladdin characters? We have an amazing Iago on board and a great request for Jafar (click!); it'd also be fantastic to see Jasmine, Rajah, Carpet, and Genie on the board as well!
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