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welcome to tame the whispers! we are a disney spirit roleplay set in a parallel universe in new york city and its boroughs. please make sure to read our rules, plot, and all other pertinent information before you consider joining. when registering, please do so as FIRST M. LAST in all uppercase. our site's rating is 3•3•3 and we always ask for quality over quantity. if you have any questions, feel free to message a staff member!

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Paige was born in the small coastal village of Camden, Maine. It was a sleepy sort of town filled that drew people in from the big cities for a bit of tranquility that could be found there. Paige’s parents owned a bed and breakfast that was always filled, even in the winter. There was something about a cozy place with friendly people that seemed to speak to people. From the time she was young, she remembered spending early morning with her mother in the kitchen of the bed and breakfast cooking up a storm for their guests. She was homeschooled so there was never a concern she would be late for school. She did her school work throughout the day and her mother would check on it periodically. Paige was smart and she enjoyed learning. Her parents never worried about her grades. They never discouraged her from the dreams she had. Paige knew that one day she wanted to be a teacher and to help children learn and grow. She always knew that even if she went away for college that one day she would return to Camden to build a life and a family.

Weekends meant she was on the water with her father. He was a fisherman and Paige loved nothing more than the sea breeze across her face and the sounds of water lapping against the side of the boat. Before she’d even started walking she had learned to swim. Her parents had been adamant that she learn to do so considering they lived so close to the water. Some of Paige’s happiest memories were on the deck of that boat. She felt free.

But Paige’s charmed life would take a dark turn the summer after she turned thirteen. It was just before school was meant to start and a bad storm had come through their little village which caused trees to fall and take out several power lines throughout the town, including some near her parents bed and breakfast which was also their home. An electrical fire started during the middle of the night while Paige and her parents were asleep. She only remembered being carried out by her father and begging him not to go back inside. He didn’t listen, intent on saving his wife as they waited for fire rescue to come. Paige could hear the sirens wailing as they rushed toward her home but her parents never came out. It was too late and they were dead from smoke inhalation before the paramedics could reach them. Their bodies were dragged from the home but it was too late. Paige had lost everything in the matter of hours.

The only relative Paige had nearby was an aunt who she had never even met. Her father’s sister had long since stopped speaking to her family until she learned that taking care of her niece meant a government check to fund her alcoholism. Paige was forced to move to New York City under the care of her aunt who lived in a run down apartment in Long Island. Paige didn’t even have a proper room but a curtained off area of the living room and a futon that had cigarette burns on it. Paige felt like she was walking into a nightmare and she pinched herself to wake up but nothing happened. She would have to accept this was her new reality. No longer were the days of peace and comfort she had known with her parents. Her days would be filled with public school and finding a way to steal money from her aunt just so she could afford to eat. Paige never saw any of the money from her survivor’s benefits since it was mostly spent on alcohol and drugs. More than anything Paige hated the woman she was forced to live with who was supposed to take care of her but never did. She spent as little time in that apartment as possible and would often spend weeks at a time bouncing from house to house of the friends she made at school. Often she found herself sneaking down to the basement of her school and setting up a camp there just so she wouldn’t have to go home. No one seemed to notice she was there and she would stash her things away so they wouldn’t be found. Paige would use the shower in the girls locker room and ask a friend to do her laundry at their place once a week. It was far from ideal but it was better than dealing with her aunt and the men she brought home that would inevitably try to hit on Paige. She had become no stranger to sexual assault through the course of her teenage years and learned to carry a weapon on her at all times, usually in the form of a small knife.

By the time Paige turned eighteen she hadn’t been living with her aunt for months. She had only barely graduated high school but had no interest in attending her graduation. What was the point? This life she was living wasn’t the dream she’d had as a girl. Her parents were long dead. There was no one to be proud of her. Paige worked odd jobs to be able to afford food and occasionally a place to sleep until she eventually ended up in the Bronx. There was one thing she was good at and it was seducing men and getting anything she wanted out of them with very little effort. Paige applied for jobs at strip joints around the city and spent the next several years working at different places including a place in her own borough called Tartarus. Paige quickly became one of Tartarus’ most popular dancers and every night she went home with a stack of cash, half of which fueled her love of ecstasy pills and lines of cocaine.


Mostly, Paige is bitter. She’s bitter about where her life has ended up and she’s never truly forgiven her parents for dying. She’s also bitter that the only family she had left cared more about booze and men than her niece. She often drowns her depression in drugs so she doesn’t have to deal with it. When Paige is rolling then she’s a blast and she knows exactly how to get what she wants. She’s also snarky as hell and quick tempered. She’s will act first and ask questions later. Paige has no problem with being sexual in nature or using her ability to take advantage of someone, mostly jerk men who come into the club. She isn’t picky about partners but commitment is laughable to her. Don’t expect it.


Around the age of sixteen Paige learned she could seduce people around her without ever actually doing anything. It was easy to project sexual thoughts into other people and this ability is particularly handy in her line of work. Paige makes bank as a stripper. Thought it takes more work, Paige can also project romantic thoughts into the minds of her targets as well and convince them they love her even though it’s not a real emotion. She has used this in the past to gain money or goods from her clients or people she knows have money to blow.



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