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 TeeJay's Terrors, Come inside to see a full roster~

played by TJ49 posts • prefers SHE/HER pronouns
TeeJay's Terrors
Celine Delacroix

Sally. 22. Bartender. Single.
The only daughter of one of the the world's most renowned geneticists, Celine never believed that she would come to know any kind of horror. The death of her mother when she was only five years old caused her father to become controlling and mentally unstable. He was intent on keeping Celine away from anything in life he deemed unworthy of her and when she began to rebel, he locked her away. Celine eventually got away from her father though he would track her down all over Europe and Australia until she finally faked her death. Celine then became Ivy Rosewood and moved to New York City where she intends to live her life freely.

Celine unfortunately does not know of her former life as Sally in Halloween Town. She doesn't remember Jack or Zero or anything of the sort.

Celine tends to be mistrustful at first, but once she knows you she can be a great friend. She's never really had too much experience in friendship because of her father, but she craves that type of closeness with someone. At the same time, she has little experience in romance as well, the first boy she had feelings for having been killed by her father. Celine felt a special connection upon meeting Jackson Kingston for the first time but she has yet to decipher what that connection is or what Jack means to her.

The only enemy she has at the moment is her father, Roderick Delacroix. Celine isn't sure if her father truly believes her to be dead, but so far he has been unable to locate her in New York City. Celine knows that if he were to find her it could mean the end for her.

Octavian Masters

Peter Pan. 26. Con Artist. Single.
Once known as Peter Pan, Tav died when the Void swept through Iyopia and was reborn later in London. At a young age his parents were killed in a tragic car accident and Tav was placed in the system. Since adoption was not in his future and he needed a way to protect himself from the older bullies of the group home, Tav was able to outsmart them to the point he no longer had to worry about being beat up. Tav took other boys under his wing in the group home and affectionately referred to them as his Lost Boys.

As the years passed and Tav and the Lost Boys reached their teen years, they extended their group of misfits to include girls as well. Street kids who had no one else to turn to. They made it through by stealing and conning people into giving them things. When Tav reached sixteen, he realized he was able to separate his shadow from his body, which aided him in his missions. It wasn't until he was an adult and his desire to steal things of greater value took hold that Tav moved to New York, leaving his Lost Boys behind.

While Tav might look sweet-faced and innocent, he is anything but. He is a con artist and any friends he has are people he can easily trick. Relationships aren't generally his main concern because he is often involved in some sort of scheme. Not to mention, it's hard to get close to someone who has their walls so securely in place.
Marcel Tarrant

Mad Hatter. 30. Illusionist. Single.
Instead of dying when the Void came through, Hatter was transported to New York where he was immediately tossed into a mental institution for his babbling craziness. Marcel spent several months in a mental health facility attempting to convince his doctors that he was not crazy, but the Mad Hatter from a different realm. It dawned on him that if he ever wanted a chance to get out of the facility he was going to have to lie and convince the people around him that he had made it up. Marcel was diagnosed with Delusional Disorder, but deemed not threatening. A few months later, he was released from the facility with clean bill of health.

Knowing that he could never truly forget Wonderland, and with the ability to manipulate reality, Marcel set forth and created Caraval. A place that is manipulated to look exactly like Wonderland where citizens can come and explore the place of Marcel's mind. What they are warned about is how real it all may seem. Some people never make it out of Caraval the same again.

Marcel rarely leaves Caraval so making friends is a bit hard for him. This mild agoraphobia is wrestles with only when Marcel knows he needs to take care of business dealing with Caraval or to advertise for it. Marcel hasn't had a romantic relationship in a very long time, but he's never quite been able to forget a particular disappearing cat.
Amelia Chase

Queen Elsa. 27. Youth Director. Single.
For the most part, Amelia's life growing up was completely normal. She had two loving parents were high school teachers, and a younger sister who was her best friend. The only odd thing in her life was the fact she developed cryokinesis - the ability to create and manipulate ice. It was an ability that only her sister, Isabelle, knew about as they were growing up and the two kept it a secret between them. The two sisters would often find their favorite memories involved playing in a clearing in the woods in a wintery wonderland that Amelia could create with her powers.

Upon growing up, Amelia attended MIT and majored in Women's and Gender Studies, with a minor in Political Science. When she graduated with a degree in WGS and moved to New York, Amelia began work at a youth organization for homeless LGBT+ teens who needed a hand getting a second chance at life. She eventually was promoted as the director of the organization.

Amelia is homosexual so any relationships she's had or will have will be with women. Romantic relationships are not something she spurns but she is also a busy woman. Friendships are always welcome and Amelia is both charismatic and compassionate, though no friend will ever be able to replace her sister.
Yelena Kurylenko

White Rabbit. 28. Escort. Single.
Having woke up on the street with no memory of how she had gotten to New York or where she had come from, and labeled a Jane Doe by the authorities, she would find that having no recollection of her former life to be a burden. Choosing the name Yelena since she could not remember what her name was before the amnesia she was deemed non-threatening by the staff of a medical facility where she had been taken. Yelena had a hard time settling into her new life and keeping a job under her belt due to the schizoeffective disorder she was diagnosed with in recent months. Eventually, she would learn to quiet the voices in her head and find work as an escort under New York's premiere madame. Currently, Yelena's dissociative disorder has kept her from learning the truth about Wonderland and that she was once the White Rabbit.

While friendly, Yelena has an innately hard time trusting people. She is cautious with her friendship and her heart though if asked she could not explain why this is. It's not impossible to befriend Yelena, one must simply prove they won't bring her harm.

Though she is an escort and therefore is paid to be a lover, she has yet to find true love. Yelena isn't exactly looking for it either. She is content being on her own and making money. If love should come knocking (and it's plotted that it will) then she may answer the door.
Noemi Vidal

Belle. 23. Student/Assistant. Single.
While Noemi spent the majority of her life in an out of hospitals while she fought childhood cancer, no one can say she isn't a warrior. She was homeschooled due to her illness, but her family tried to keep her as socialized as possible which wasn't hard since she spent so much time with other sick children. Noemi was never left behind and was given most things that a teen might have including a phone, internet, and a game console though her true love was always reading. Despite being ill, she had dreams that she one day desperately hoped to fulfill. When she came into remission at the age of eighteen, Noemi began her college career and has since moved to New York with the hopes of being a book editor one day.

Noemi has a zest for life that most people can't match, since hers was always on a thin wire. She is grateful for the opportunities she's been given and even more grateful for the people who have helped her through it. She is easy to get along with and is exceptionally kindhearted. Noemi believes she will one day find the hero of her love story though she isn't actively looking for love at the moment. She's far too busy worrying about getting through school and becoming a career woman.
Tate Kincaid

Lock. 21. Comic Artist. Taken.
Artistic with a flair for mischief, Tate is 1/3 of a terrible little trio that formed when he was just ten years old. Normally the brunt of being picked on by bullies alongside his childhood best friend, Mikey, the two of them would come to meet Lalita when she kicked the crap out of stupid boys. Since that day, the three of them were inseparable and that remains so today. They've grown together, been through heartbreak together, and seen great days together. They still tend to cause a bit of mischief when they can though each of them as gone on to do different things. Tate is a comic book artist currently attending art school with the hope of one day publishing his own comic series.

Likely the most extroverted of the three, Tate is easy to get along with as long as you're not an asshole. He'll be friends with anyone with little anxiety over such. Love is something that's been an interesting path for Tate. He's had his share of girlfriends and boyfriends but ultimately, there's only one person he really wants to be with.
Shaw Montgomery

Lumiere. 26. Producer. Complicated.
Though he was born to wealthy parents who gave him everything he ever wanted (materialistically), Shaw's life was far from charmed. The thing he yearned for most, which was his parents affection, was the one thing denied him while he grew up in the company of a nanny who would be more of a mother figure to him than his own. From an early age it was clear Shaw was musically inclined and he learned to read, write, and play music beginning with the piano. He experimented with several different types of instruments and succeeded in some while failing in others. Shaw's favorite is percussion. After graduating from a prestigious academy he went onto study music theory at Juilliard, and later took a job as a record producer at Everheart Records. Since he was a child, Shaw has had the ability to manipulate sound and sound waves.

Shaw was diagnosed Bipolar Disorder when he was 23 and has since been managing it though some days are better than others. Before being treated when he experienced a low point of the disorder he was often anxious and locked himself away. On the flipside, when he was manic is when he found himself in the most trouble.

Being friends with Shaw is not impossible, but he tends to keep people at arms length. There are only a few people whom he feels he can really call his friends. Shaw is no stranger to having many acquaintances, most of which want to use him as a connection for one thing or another. He's also no stranger to sexual partners though commitment is something he struggles with often. His parents never set a great example of how a relationship ought to be by marrying for status and having lovers on the side. Ultimately, Shaw's best friend in the world is Apollo Prince.
Hayden Vance

Stitch. 22. Singer. Single.
Orphaned at a young age, Hayden found herself caught up in a situation she didn't know how to get out of. Essentially sold to a group of scientists who wished to create an army of powered individuals they began to experiment on those who were born of powered parents to awaken their dormant genetics. Hayden had believed she was the first of their experiments only to find out later she was only the first successful one. Upon finding out the truth behind these experiments, Hayden and the other children who had been brought to the facility chose to break out, but it was only her that got away. By some stroke of luck, Hayden was found by a secret agent who had been put on the case of investigating rumors about the facility and ultimately it was shut down when she told him all she knew. The agent, whom she affectionately refers to as Bubbles, adopted Hayden and has raised her since. She's now living her dream of becoming a singer and is currently working on her first full length album with an EP already released.

Hayden can be opinionated, loud, and temperamental but she is mostly harmless. It's not hard to be her friend if you can take her speaking out of turn and invading your personal space. She has zero concept of boundaries. If you wish to woo this hothead then you're going to have to be damn impressive. She isn't easily charmed but it's certainly not impossible either.

For the most part, Hayden can be found doing what she loves, which is singing. She currently has no memory of her former life .

Devina Chandra

Esmeralda. 31. Cellist. Single.
Despite the fact her parents wished for Devina to follow in their footsteps, she chose to deviate from that path to forge one of her own. A love of music, she began to play the cello at a young age and excelled in doing so. She worked hard all throughout school and college, while working in her family's restaurant, to chase her dream. Dev learned she was from a long line of Romani people and her grandmother taught her the art of Romani magic though once her grandmother died, she stopped practicing as much and has only dabbled since then though Dev knows she is powerful. Once she graduated from NYU, Devina took a job with a small Broadway symphony until she had earned enough experience to warrant the attention of the New York Philharmonic, whom she has been working for since.

Dev is a free spirit and honest to a fault. She is driven and ambitious. Having Devina as a friend means having a friend for life and she'll do anything for those she considers family. She is also no stranger to love, but following her long-term relationship with her high school sweetheart, Archer, she's never really kept anyone around for too long.

She is a force to be reckoned with and if you intend to cause harm then you might find your teeth kicked down your throat.

Ruby Conrad

Rapunzel. 26. Publicist. Single.
Bright, spirited, and full of determination Ruby had always been drawn to the freedom that New York City advertised. She had been born in a small town in Michigan where she learned at a young age that she could heal the sick and wounded but that having this gift came at a price. After a witch hunt from the townspeople drove Ruby's family out of their home they moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania to start a new life. Ruby had promised her parents she would never use her gift again and she didn't try until the tragic death of her boyfriend when she was sixteen. Ruby's life changed after that and she separated herself from her old life that was leading her down a dark path. She learned to express herself in different ways and discovered she enjoyed baking which she did as a hobby. Yet that freedom still called to Ruby and after attending college and earning a Bachelor's degree in public relations she moved to New York where she is now a successful publicist for a handful of popular musicians.

Ruby is incredibly easy to get along with. She's friendly, compassionate, and is willing to help out anyone in any way she can. People will often find it's easy to take advantage of her because of her kindness. Making friends with Ruby is not a difficult task and those closest to her consider themselves lucky.

A total romantic at heart, Ruby absolutely believes that she will find the one some day in the future. She's had a few serious relationships but has yet to meet the love of her life. She's definitely a girl that'll hit the theater to watch a romcom with you. Ruby just knows her Prince or Princess Charming will one day appear.
Piper Carson

Vidia. 25. Instructor. Single.
Believed to be one of the only fairies that escaped the Void when Pixie Hollow went under, Vidia fell into New York with no wings and in the body of an adolescent girl. With all of her memories intact and no place to call home, along with being too young to legally live on her own, she became known as Piper Carson and spent the next several years living with her foster family. Once she turned eighteen, Piper struck out on her own and worked a plethora of odd jobs to get by, eventually becoming a kickboxing instructor at a gym near her apartment. It didn't pay the bills though and a friend of her introduced her to illegal street racing, a career that paid well but came with many risks. Piper easily climbed the ranks to become one of the most well respected racers among the clandestine group. Though the money is good, it's the thrill that really gets her.

Piper is hard to get along with because she is often abrasive and considered to be rude. She's highly guarded, competitive and wants to be the best of the best. She can also be rather envious of those around her. All of this is mostly a mask because she's afraid to let anyone close to her. It's not impossible to be friends with Piper and once you are then you've got a friend for life that will do anything for you.

While becoming Piper's friend could be considered difficult, it's even harder to love her. Trust it a big thing with Piper and she's been burnt by love in the past. She tends to push anyone away that might try and wiggle into her heart. Eventually, Elody will come along to do just that but it won't be easy.
Nadia Rayes

Jasmine. 24. Detective. Single.
Nadia was born to a Jewish mother and a Muslim father which made her life growing up in Tel Aviv, Israel rather interesting. Though the family tried for quite a few years to make their life in Tel Aviv work, they eventually decided that the conflict and hostility in the middle east was too great. The Rayes' moved their family to New York City where Nadia and her younger brother were raised in the diverse culture of the city. Nadia would eventually choose to follow her mother's faith in Judaism. When Nadia turned eighteen she was conscripted to serve in the Israeli army which she did for two years. While it opened up careers in law enforcement and eventually a position in Mossad, Nadia turned offers down so she could return to the States where she became an officer for the NYPD. After working her way up through the rank, she is currently a detective assigned to auto crimes in Staten Island though she truly wishes to be a homicide detective.

One can easily make a friend out of Nadia. She is unwavering kind, compassionate, and will do anything for the people she cares about. While she is tough on the exterior, Nadia is also a woman who can be sweet and gentle. She loves animals so if you have a soft spot for them then you'll likely be best friends. Alas, Nadia has learned not to allow people to take advantage of her so don't misconstrue her kindness for weakness.

Though she would never admit it, Nadia is someone who dreams of one day falling in love and finding that perfect someone. It's a fantasy she keeps tightly locked away. Since she is a detective that must often hide her identity, it makes it difficult to maintain personal relationships. Nadia does hope to find a lover that will accept her choices and support her.
Maliah LeRoux

Tiana. 23. Dancer. Single.
Maliah was born in the French Quarter of New Orleans but few people know that she's actually a descendant of the infamous Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau. Maliah's family are the owner of the popular occult store Marie Laveau's Hoiuse of Voodoo and it was pretty much expected that Maliah would keep with the tradition of her family and takeover the family business when she was old enough. Maliah had other ideas and fell in love with the art of dance. She was accepted into NYU and moved to New York City shortly after she graduated high school. Maliah became a ballet dancer in the New York Ballet Company. Ever since she was a little girl she's had the ability to see future events, premonitions if you will, though she has tried to suppress it for a long time. Despite her best efforts she can't control it.

Maliah never had a problem making friends. She has always been outgoing and charismatic. There are only a few that really know where she came from, mostly because she finds her family and childhood a tad embarrassing. Maliah has grown close with her fellow Constellations Soldiers who have become like sisters to her. She loves each of them for their different personalities and talents.

Though she's never had a problem with finding love, Maliah has not yet met the love of her life. In the past he was known as Prince Naveen but she has no idea he exists in this world or in what form. Eventually, a young woman named Yolandi will come along and sweep Maliah off her feet.
Paige Udinov

Sinbad. 26. Stripper. Complicated.
Born in the coastal town of Camden, Maine, Paige's life was a charmed one. Her father was a fisherman though her parents collectively owned a bed and breakfast where they lived and her mother managed. Paige would spend hours in the kitchen as a young girl with her mother in the kitchen along with schoolwork since her parents had chosen to homeschool her. On the weekends she practically lived on the sea on her father's boat. She loved her town and her life and had plans to become a teacher. Paige knew she would come back to Camden to begin a life there. Nothing could have prepared her for the tragedy that struck when her home caught fire and her parents died while she survived. Paige was put into the care of her father's sister, a woman who had long since stopped speaking to her family because of her lifestyle of booze and men. Paige was nothing more than a paycheck to her aunt and spent more time sleeping in random places than at home. Before she even turned eighteen she was living on her own and working. Paige became a dancer at strip clubs around the city before making Tartarus her main work location.

Though Paige have her vices and tends to be bitter, she's not unfriendly. Though she has more acquaintances than true friends. She's always got her guard up because people have ultimately been disappointing to her. She can be really fun but she might sweep you up and you might find yourself doing things you never thought you would. Paige isn't a great influence so be warned.

No stranger to having sexual partners, Paige isn't picky about who shares her bed. However, love has never been something she's truly understood since she has an ability that causes false emotions. She's afraid of letting someone that close to her and being that close to someone as well. Though she will sleep around, the only person that truly has kept her attention is her boss, Marcus, whom she both can't stand and desires all at once.
Dexter Halliwell

Panic. 24. Medical Examiner. Single.
Though life had begun perfectly for Dexter and his twin sister, Drusilla, the twins would soon find it spiraling into a version of hell they could have never expected. Following the passing of their father, the twins' mother moved them to her childhood home in Pennsylvania known as Worthington Manor. They quickly learned their perfect family had many terrible secrets as they were forced to remain locked away in an attic where no one would know of their existence. For three years, Dex and Dru spent their lives in solitude having only each other to rely on. When they were finally able to break free of this hell they fled to upstate New York where they were eventually adopted by Dr. Victor Halliwell. Dex and Dru were put into the finest schools and their genius level intelligence allowed them to graduate early and finish college quickly. Dex eventually moved to New York City to join the NYPD as a Medical Examiner.

Though Dex is the epitome of a sociopath and seeks his own form of justice on those he feels have skirted past justice, he is a charming and charismatic young man. To anyone who doesn't really, truly know him he would appear completely normal. Dex is well liked by his co-workers and people in general and he can easily emulate human emotions.

Though Dex has had lovers in the past the only person who he truly has room for in his heart is Dru. He knows it's wrong but circumstances have made it difficult for both of them to have normal relationships with people. Dex is completely emotionally and romantically unavailable.
Job seeking

played by Dandelion23 posts • prefers She/her pronouns
Helena && Yours: So, I think Helena and Celine may be good friends. They both grew up isolated and I think they might bond over their shared cluelessness. I'm not sure about Octavian or Marcel, but Helenas pretty gullible so she might fall for one of Octavian's cons. No definite ideas on Marcel but if you have something, toss them at me.

Ivan && yours: Again, Celine is the only one I have any definite ideas for. While he's not usually fond of women, I think Celine may remind him of Helena, so he'd be more inclined to be paternal and try to guide her in the 'right' direction not that that would be much better than how he normally is with women but it beats muttered comments about daughters of Eve right? I don't know how he'd feel about Octavian, beyond disliking him for being a crook, and ditto on Marcel. Again, if you have definite ideas for them, I'm all ears!
Hei Hei & Becky's Lovechild
twenty six yo
Adminy Awesomeness

played by Zee110 posts • prefers She/Her pronouns
I'm gonna have to muse on the others because they're going to prove a bit more difficult to swing... but here are some!


[= Jack's her big brother. Break his heart, she breaks your face. Nah. Not really. She'll be stand offish about Celine at first, but she'll get over it quick. Until she figures out that she and Jack are together, I see Elody being fairly indifferent to her. So there mightn't be much here yet.


-deep breath-

Tink desperately misses Peter, she just doesn't know it. Elody feels it in the depths of her heart, but she writes it off as abandonment issues even if she doesn't feel it for her parents, but for "something" in general. She doesn't remember him, Neverland, anything. The only connection to Neverland she had was Liz who upped and ditched her. So they definitely need to reunite. I liked the shadow idea you had! I want to do that so badly! Because I feel like it would be the most logical way for them to meet and it will fuck with Elody's head so much. Once she reunites with Tav and Zinnia, she's going to go through such an identity crisis.




Kizzy's likely to frequent Caraval just cos she likes things like that. They could have a friendly acquaintanceship? She's probably the type to bring him food if she's out at a restaurant she knows he might like. [=


played by TJ49 posts • prefers SHE/HER pronouns

Celine & Helena
    Okay so! I think these two could be great friends because you're right they did both grow up isolated from people. Definitely Helena probably had it worse than Celine did though so I feel like Celine would feel really bad for Helena. So if Helena comes into Mister Unlucky's then the two of them can definitely strike up conversation. Granted, Celine is going by the alias of Ivy at the moment because she faked her death in Australia so her father would stop looking for her. 8x
Octavian & Helena
    So...usually Tav runs scams on people he knows he can get something out of. Unless Helena has something he thinks he can take from her he likely wouldn't bother with the whole con artist gig. That being said, he is a friendly guy so if they ended up in the same place he would strike up a conversation with her no problem. No stranger to having less than stellar guardians he would probably really hate Ivan for the way he treats Helena.
Marcel & Helena
    This might be a little tricky only because Marcel doesn't leave Caraval very often. However, Helena is more than welcome to wander into Caraval or she can meet him while he's out selling his magic hats. Either one is fine with me. Marcel takes to the street about once a month to sell hats to people who need a bit of an up in their lives. <3
All Mine & Ivan
    Not gonna lie...all my my characters probably side eye tf out of Ivan because what a creepy dude and why's he got this poor girl so stunted??? Ugh. I think the general consensus of this one is a resounding "Nope." XD

Look...we do a lot of plotting on Discord so...yeah. XD

played by TJ49 posts • prefers SHE/HER pronouns
New characters added! Plot with them~
forty- two
Floor Manager

played by Night22 posts • prefers She/her pronouns
Celine and Thora

They are working at the same place. (Thora is a floor manager) so possible friendship have formed/forming in the future? Thora is of the protective sorts so if Celine ever get in trouble (whether a nasty customer or merely a random person) Thora would have no problem stepping in and scaring said person away.

Any other char you think might fit, please throw them at me.

played by TEEJAY26 posts • prefers SHE/HER pronouns
    Sure! Celine doesn't really have many people she can lean on so it'll be nice for her to have someone like Thora who can look after her. How do you think Thora would feel about the clandestine affair she's having with Jack? XD I'm assuming it could get messy, which is a-okay with me. :D

    Pretty much Tate hands out at the bar because that's where Lalita works. You might see him hanging around the bar and scribbling away in a sketch book. Thora has probably known him as long as she has Lalita. XD Granted if she doesn't want him to loiter around and take up space, she's free to tell him to amscray. XD
forty- two
Floor Manager

played by Night22 posts • prefers She/her pronouns
Celine and Thora:

I think she would find the romance going on between Jack and Celine as cute, as long as it does not affect works to much she would more keep her distance and not grab them by their ear and pull them along. (Even if jack is technically her boss she would still do it.) I think she more would get involved if anyone tries to interfere/destroy it as they are so cute and can’t have anyone ruining it. I’m good with messy and could be fun to see how Thora would react in said situations.

Tate and Thora:

As long as he is buying something and not merely distracting the staff she would be fine with him being there. One idea would be if she ended up in his comic of sorts... perhaps even as a villain? (If you like the idea.) Still can see her more watching him from a distance, in a way forever looming over him to make sure he is not mooching off on the hospitality of the bar.


played by ayodele28 posts • prefers SHE/HER pronouns

CELINE AND ZAIN: OKAY. So I know we discussed on *my* plotter the potential of them being friends, and Zain needs some non-shady friends, so maybe he could drop by Mister Unlucky's with a delivery? Some shenanigans could ensue? Or he could be trying to dodge shenanigans in the form of... cops so he could come into Mister Unlucky's during its less crowded hours, thinking it's a good place to hide out for a quick sec ;D And while he's waiting it out, he could chat with "Ivy" and find out more about her. =D

Also! I would be excited to start something for Hayden with either Amira or Kesi (because she's such a delight =D and I want to hang out with her) too but I don't want to overload you with threads :D Anytime you're up for it, though!

played by TJ49 posts • prefers SHE/HER pronouns
Sass Master
retail slave

played by moni25 posts • prefers she/her pronouns
Piper && Spencer

Okay so these two need to meet already. Well, like yesterday. I think it'll be really interesting since Piper is the only one out of the Neverland/fairy crew that actually has all her memories and she can totally jog his memories if that pleases her fancy. Plus they're both abrasive and have been burnt in the trust department. I know previously she was gunna be all >( at Spencer since he was gunna hook it up with Wendy but since that's no longer a thinnng we should plot some. Yus. They'll probably still rub each other the wrong way though just based off their similar personalities and Elody really not liking him. I know canonly in one of the books she totally gets tricked by Peter and the Lost Boys so she can just keep harboring that dislike and Spencer would just be like "WTF is you're bloody deal, woman?" >)

Piper && Nikolai

Racing buddies, eh? They'll probably smash heads too just because of pure rivalry. Haha. I think they'd also have a really entertaining dynamic. Niko really needs someone to drive his competitive side (lmao driving, ha) so I think Piper is the gal for that. They can have one of those relationships where they're constantly trying to beat the other in races and it sort of just goes back and forth on who wins?

I could spend days coming up with other plots but this is all I came for at the moment. ahaha. sorry if its a big jumbly I've got another headache D; TEEJAY
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