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welcome to tame the whispers! we are a disney spirit roleplay set in a parallel universe in new york city and its boroughs. please make sure to read our rules, plot, and all other pertinent information before you consider joining. when registering, please do so as FIRST M. LAST in all uppercase. our site's rating is 3•3•3 and we always ask for quality over quantity. if you have any questions, feel free to message a staff member!

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played by maedusa10 posts • prefers she/her pronouns
tag: KIMI | notes: o u t f i t
myra lannister stepped out of the black sedan and into the fresh new york city air. she would say that it was wonderful except for the children running around the gardens. she'd been planning to meet with zinnia for quite some time and figured that this would be a beautiful place to do so. sadly, it looked like the little trolls would be a bother. she never was a fan of children most likely due to them reminding her of her once innocent self. before she realized who she was in all of her glory. maleficent. that was her past name and it had a certain ring to it, but so did myra. she walked through the paved walkway towards to lake in the center of the garden. there had been a large cherry blossom tree that clung near the greenhouse. it was a gorgeous bit of scenery that she often visited.

the september air was just under seventy degrees which gave the botanical gardens a nice breeze. myra walked to the edge of the walkway and stared at the lake. how long had it been since she'd seen zinnia? since they were children? myra could have sworn she had seen her around new york a few times, but never wanted to bring it up. she was one of the only people she felt like she could let her guard down. sometimes it was hard to hold back her bitchy attitude, but she honestly tried for zinnia. she leaned against the white railing with her hands crossed in front of her. the new life she lead was much better than her old one. she was well known, included in a lot of events, and even had a few people she could mess with as much as she wanted.

she readjusted her outfit and turned on her heels for the green house. that was where she said they'd meet since the gardens can be a bit large. the green house smelled of flowers and dirt a strange yet sweet mixture. there were all different types of flora and greenery that grew all over. this was probably where they grew before being taken outdoors. myra plucked a single, purple carnation when it started to brown and wither. she watched as it died in front of her eyes. she dropped the carnation onto the floor and looked around. where was her friend?

Tiger Lily
Shapeshifting; Crow

played by Kimilicious14 posts • prefers She/ her pronouns
hurry up now I need a miracle
Zinnia played with the long necklace she wore, peering outside the window of the Uber she was riding in. Excitement thrummed through her, one knee bouncing as the car neared their destination. She was meeting with an old friend today, someone she hadn't seen in years and honestly, she was still in bit of shock. Zinnia and Myra had spent their childhood together, two peas in a pod even though Myra was a few years older. Zinnia had looked up to her, the way she'd always moved with such grace, her charming smiles and her kind face. She'd loved the other girl fiercely, as only children can, and when Myra's mother had passed it had broken her heart. Myra had pulled away, the tragedy taking its toll on her and though Zinnia had tried to reach out, her friend had always politely declined. Zinnia had been lost without her closest confidant for some time, but she'd regained herself even if she'd never forgotten Myra. Zinnia always made it a point to call or text, though of course as the years had gone by she'd reached out less and less. Still, she'd been unable to give up those memories and a few times a year, she still messaged her old friend. Myra's birthday, the holidays, sometimes even just at random when she'd run into something that reminded her of their childhood. It wasn't often enough, but she hoped at least it might bring some joy to her friend's day every once and a while.

Not a week ago Zinnia had come across something that had reminded her of Myra and of course, she'd sent the other woman a text saying so. Until then, Myra had always replied with a typical response, something along the lines of being glad to be thought of or something else to acknowledge Zinnia's text without giving her any real hope to see her again. This time however when Zinnia had suggested they meet up and reconnect, Myra had told her it sounded like a fine idea. Zinnia had reread the text message several times, not quite believing it. Even today she'd taken her phone out more than once to read their conversation to remind herself she hadn't dreamt it up. Zinnia grinned as she did just that, pulled out her cell phone to reread their plans. They were going to meet at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and if there was time afterwards, stop for coffee. Both of them were extremely busy women these days, but Zinnia had every intention of spending the day with her friend so long as the other had the time.

Finally she'd arrived and after thanking her driver, stepped out of the car. She stopped playing with her necklace, smoothing her hair as she took a quick look around to orient herself. Myra had suggested they meet in the green house, which of course Zinnia had agreed to. It was a structure that she knew she wouldn't have a difficult time finding and she made her way straight there.

The gardens were beautiful and the weather was crisp and lush. This was beautiful compared the the heat of July and August and it was the perfect time for such an outing. Zinnia found her way to the green house without any trouble, taking a deep breath at its entrance. She hadn't seen Myra in so long save catching a glimpse of her at this function or that. She knew who she was looking for of course, but that little pang of anxiety crept into her heart as well. They'd been estranged for so long, what if their friendship simply wasn't meant to last into adulthood? Zinnia wasn't the same person she'd been as a child and she was sure Myra, too had grown up into a completely different person. Hopefully there was still enough left of the both of them to find some measure of solace within one another. Zinnia put on a smile, entering the green house with a light step. This was going to be wonderful, she had faith.

Myra's blonde hair stood out and Zinnia spotted her immediately. A wave of relief washed over her for no real reason other than Myra looked and felt so much like their youth. It was one of those feelings that warmed her heart. "Myra!" She called out, seeking the others attention as she came up to her. Once upon a time they'd hugged each other tightly and Zinnia reached out, unable to stop herself though she knew she probably should have asked first. She squeezed the other woman quickly, releasing her soon after in case the other wasn't as comfortable with such things any longer. Zinnia still wore a huge smile, clearly glad to see her friend. "How are you? I hope you haven't been waiting long."

thanks evvie!
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