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Maid Marian
Peace Inducement
Preschool Teacher

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Emiah sat relaxed on a lovely bench in the middle of central park, the sun was hitting her making her smile as she slowly sipped the tea she had gotten from a new cafe that had opened the other day. As she sat on the bench she watched as children ran past her laughing and screaming, parents pushed babies in prams and teenagers cuddled together as they walked smitten with each other. It made her happy being outside and seeing people being happy. Pulling her phone out of her pocket she checked the time before she slipped it away, raising her styrofoam cup to her lips she tipped her head back and downed the rest of the liquid before getting to her feet.

Dropping the cup into a nearby bin Emiah tucked her hands into her pockets and began to walk slowly down the tree covered walkways, it had been quite sometime since she had just been. She had been coasting through life as of late that she hadn’t stopped to look about; but in a strange way that was how Emiah liked it. Fast paced and without a plan, normally though she spent all of her time buying new things for her classroom or sitting in her apartment coming up with new lesson plans to teach her pre-schoolers. They all did so well and they made her proud.

Taking one of her hands out of her pocket she ran her hand through her blonde hair pushing it out of her eyes, seeing a little girl running towards her being chased by she presumed her brother Emiah laughed a little when they almost crashed into her making her dance to the side giving them room to dart around her and carry on their way. But this simple movement send her bumping into someone else walking away the pathway.

Looking at them Emiah gave a gentle smile “Sorry about that” she said lightly hoping they wouldn’t be annoyed at the fact she of all people had wandered into them; if they were to get annoyed by it Emiah knew she would just walk away since her ability wouldn’t work in such an open space. After all, she was here to enjoy the sunshine and the moment she was in.

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Central Park. It was place that Maisie rarely went to, despite the large masses of people that flocked there everyday, most of them actually being tourists. Its location in Manhattan made it be out of the way for her to visit as a child, so she didn't actually come here until she was in high school. Now she came here occasionally, to gain inspiration for her bouquets and arrangements. Even though there was usually too many people here for Maisie's liking, the greenery here was very pretty and usually helped if she was having difficulty with making an order. Her friends would joke that she would be swept away by the winds whenever she went there, something she honestly feared a little bit.

It was a nice warm autumn day, allowing her to stroll down the sidewalk with only a light jacket on. Her eyes widened as she noticed some of the flowers, a smile forming on her lips as well. Sometimes when she came to Central Park, she would become somewhat jealous of the flowers, as they were very beautiful and vibrant. Maisie had a whole lot of respect for the gardeners here, as they did a fabulous job. Even though this was usually frowned upon, she was tempted to steal a flower or two of the especially unique ones just so she could grow her own. More often than not, she would talk herself out of it, but today was one of those rare days. She took just a few blooms, which she held on to, continuing to walk through the park down a pathway.

However, she accidentally dropped one of the flowers she had grabbed and after she picked them up and continued walking, Maisie accidentally bumped into someone. This naturally caused her to start to feel flustered as she was usually quite good about paying attention, but that wasn't the case this time. "D-don't worry about it." She tried her best at a carefree smile, even though it probably looked more anxious than she intended. Maisie had never been so good at interactions with strangers just as a general and this was not an exception.

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